Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why My Financial Planning Process Is Different?

If you have ever worked with a “financial advisor” (someone who sells products), but later had a “financial life coach”, you have already experienced the drastic differences. It’s like night and day! This is for those of you that are caught in the rut of traditional financial planning methods.

Like most, I started out on the sales side of the financial services industry. Firsthand, I saw many well-known, “so-called” financial advisors in my community take advantage of trusting people (knowingly or ignorantly). The reason most financial advisors are led to do more harm than good is because they are compensated by selling, NOT advising. When it comes down to an advisor providing for his own family by selling a product that could harm you financially VERSUS acting in your best interest, what will be their choice? If you haven’t been taken advantage by someone selling financial products… REJOICE!   

I became fed up with the shortcomings in my industry, and decided to create a better process to grow and protect wealth that begins with you! NOT selling products to generate commissions.

Financial Life Coaching is a process focused on asking the right questions and being able to engage clients in meaningful conversations about important life events, situations, and goals. Ultimately, it is the level of competency, care, and integrity that I provide that truly differentiates me from traditional Financial Advisors. 

I focus on what makes you tick, financially. I call this your financial personality. Your financial personality is why you are, where you are. Some people are spenders, savers, givers, do-nothings, over-analyzers, risk takers, or know-it-alls. Some suffer from multiple financial personality disorder! Without knowing your behavioral tendencies, developing the correct financial action plan is a “crapshoot.”

Next, I uncover your “real” financial goals. Not someone else's! Most traditional advisors will ask you things like, “When would you like to retire?” “Where do you want to send your kids to college?” These questions are great, but your answers will have ZERO meaning behind them. Our culture has ingrained in all of us pre-determined answers to these questions. Without really figuring out what it is that you want for your life, and most importantly WHY you want it, you will continue to run like a rat in a wheel. Don’t believe me? What was that last big goal that you didn’t achieve? Why didn’t you reach it? Most of us claim we want to be rich, be swim suit models, etc.! So why aren’t most people anywhere near where they want to be? They haven’t figured out the “WHY”? The “WHAT” isn’t enough! I also bet you have set the same 1 or 2 goals year after year, but have never made any headway. Once I have helped you discover your real financial goals, you will be more likely to get where you want to go! 

Lastly, my process is different because I know my craft! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, a MBA in accounting, I hold the Certified Financial Planner designation, and the CLU designation. But I give more weight to MY experience! I came from modest means but quickly reached a level of personal income in my twenties that most don’t see by age 60. I have started 4 small businesses, sold 2 of them, and had one of them totally collapse due to my own stupidity! Most financial advisors have only read about sound financial principles. I not only have Degrees in these principles, but I have put them into action! Regrettably, I have also personally felt the pain from not following them.  I have helped people who were struggling reach success, and also dozens of multimillionaires. I haven’t seen it all, but I personally have experienced more in the last 10 years than most financial advisors will see in a lifetime. But they will sure tell you a great story that makes it appear they know what they are talking about.

I hate clichés (cuz I always get them wrong)! But this is “just the tip of the iceberg.” A Financial Life Coach is an invaluable member of your team. I strongly believe you can't get the same results elsewhere.

For more about me and my process go to www.jasonwqualls.com or call me at 615-878-2134.

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