Monday, June 9, 2014

My Money Tips Of The Week (6/2-6/6)

1.) Inflation is your Retirement Plan's archenemy! Make sure your Retirement Plan addresses this risk effectively.

2.) If your 401k doesn't offer matching, an IRA may your better option. Many 401k's have high fees and low quality investment options.

3.) Pensions are mostly a thing of the past, and recent reports say Social Security could be dry by 2033.Your financial future is your responsibility.

4.) Many aren't aware of certain Tax Tricks of Charitable Giving. Tax Planning should be a part of your overall Financial Plan.

5.) The typical Advisor I find endorsing Index Annuities are those that earn commissions to sell them. Coincidence? I think not.

6.) Turnover ratio: % of a fund's holdings that change every year. Frequent trading can drastically lower your returns. Don't ignore this stat!

7.) Research has shown Asset Allocation can be far more important for your performance than mutual fund selection. What's your investment strategy?

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